Who Can Get a COVID Vaccine and How to Book in QLD

Queensland Who is eligible for the COVID vaccine in Queensland?

Anyone aged 16 and over is currently able to book a COVID vaccine in Queensland.

People aged 12 and over with a specified underlying medical condition, including those with a disability, NDIS participants, and their carers and support workers.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 12 and over are also able to be vaccinated.

The COVID vaccine is also available for:

  • Pregnant people
  • Residential aged care and disability care workers
  • Healthcare workers and support staff including students on clinical placement
  • Hotel quarantine workers (including passenger transport services)
  • Workers at airports that receive international and domestic flights
  • Queensland-based international and interstate air crew
  • Border workers
  • Freight workers who cross domestic borders
  • Fly-in-fly-out workers
  • Volunteers at a COVID-19 testing or vaccination clinic
  • Maritime industry workers
  • Critical and high-risk workers
  • School and early childhood staff
  • Household contacts (aged 16 years and older) of quarantine workers, border workers and healthcare workers who are at a higher risk of having contact with COVID-positive patients

How to Book a COVID Vaccine in Queensland?

You can register for a COVID vaccine in Queensland online and Queensland Health will contact you to make a booking when an appointment is available.

Bookings can also be made with a participating GP or community health service directly or via the federal government’s vaccine eligibility checker.

You can also book an appointment at a Queensland Health vaccination location.

The Pfizer vaccine is available for people aged 16 to 59, as well as workers in high-risk industries, pregnant women and certain household contacts.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is available for people aged 60 and over, unless they have a referral from their GP.

Where to Get a COVID Vaccine in Queensland?

full list of vaccination sites is available on the Queensland Health website and includes hospitals, vaccination centres and health clinics.

The COVID vaccine is also available at participating GP clinics.

How Many People Have Been Vaccinated in Queensland?

A total 1,032,050 doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered in Queensland as of August 11.

While Stratacare will endeavour to provide the most-up-to-date information and advice that is available, please note that your best source of information on Covid-19 is always the Government and relevant Health Authorities.

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