Top 10 Dog Breeds for Apartments

Having a pet may be vital for your family but the reality of owning one whilst living in a Body Corporate has its challenges. Legislation on pet ownership in strata properties has evolved over time and varies from state to state. In this article, we provide a list of the most suitable dogs for strata living and explore some key things potential strata pet owners must consider when applying for a pet.

Research breeds: The most important factor is having a happy and healthy dog that loves their new home. Not all dog breeds, big or small, are going to love living in an apartment or townhouse. The biggest job you will have as a pet owner is to know what breed is going to suit you, your lifestyle and the environment you are going to bring your new friend in to.

We have curated a list of apartment-friendly dogs that will fit into any living space and lifestyle. So what separates the list of pups from the others? For one, we have found that you do not necessarily need to have a purse size fluffy dog to have them fit into your space. There are plenty of larger furry friends that love cozy spaces and need only small amounts of exercise to deplete their energy levels and have them cuddly and loving for the rest of the day.

Below is a list of the top 10 dog breeds that you might consider having in your apartment:


 1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

– Small dog – great for smaller spaces

2. Grey Hound/Italian Grey Hound

– Short bursts of energy

– Retired racing greyhounds always need loving homes

3. Poodle

– Do not shed much (minimal carpet/fabric cleaning)

– Very intelligent

4. Frenchie/French Bulldog

– Short hair

– Loves to lounge around

– Goofy fun-loving pet

5. Pug

– Very small = Very cute

– Short hair

– Loves short walks

– Loves naps and lounging

– Does snore

6. Beagle

– Needs minimal bathing (bathing too often can dry their skin out)

– Very happy dogs

– Loves dog parks and socialising

7. Rhodesian Ridgeback

– Larger dog

– Loves lounging around until its play/training time

– Independent and quiet which your neighbours will love

8. Mastiff

– Big dog

– Very calm

– Very Lazy

– Rarely barks

– Loves to lay on your lap

9.  Bernese Mountain Dog

– Does shed

– Quiet

– Loves cuddles

– Loves outdoor fun

10. Golden Retriever

– Very fluffy and soft

– Calm a lot of the time

– Love to play

– Loves outdoor fun


“No Pets Allowed”: In Queensland, no Body Corporate can enforce a blanket ban on all pets in their community. However, they may still impose “reasonable” restrictions on pet owners and their furry companions. Examples of “reasonable” restrictions could include a limit on number of pets, leash requirements, noise restrictions, cleaning requirements and registration requirements. 

Pet resume: It is highly advised for owners applying for permission to keep a pet in their lot, put together a “pet resume” for their animal. It assists with administrations, committees greatly appreciate the effort and it may just be the extra mile that will ease their mind to be assured that you are a responsible owner and your pet will not cause a nuisance. To create a pet resume, you should include your pet’s:

– Age
– Gender
– Temperament/behaviour
– Vaccination and medical history
– References from former landlord, property manager, neighbours or groomer
– Certificate of obedience training or similar
– Cutest latest image (just to really seal the deal)

Get it in writing: Whether you are trialling a pet in your apartment or you do end up obtaining permission, get it in writing. Just to protect yourself of any possible disputes or other headaches down the track, everyone can refer to those formal documents.

It may seem like a challenge to have a pet join your family but many people find that pet ownership is very rewarding and far outweigh the potential drawbacks. Hopefully, with these examples of top 10 dog breeds to own whilst living in an apartment and your on research, you find the perfect pooch that will fill your home with fun and love.

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Author: Kaylyn Burton

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