About Therese Fox

Highly experienced in strata, Therese joined the Stratacare body corporate management team in 2022.

Therese brings to the table a high degree of professionalism and a vast wealth of knowledge in assisting bodies corporate with the administration of their schemes having worked in the industry since 2009.

With years of body corporate experience under her belt, Therese is an expert in ensuring communities are operating efficiently, harmoniously and within the legislative requirements.

An expert in multitasking and cross training of owners, Therese possesses strong interpersonal skills which allow her to mediate difficult situations and interact with diverse range of people to ensure positive outcomes.   

Day-to-day, Therese provides excellent service to clients whether it’s providing expert advice to clients on anything from financial management, legislation, contract negotiations or dispute resolution.

An expert in understanding bodies corporate and how they operate, Therese’s in-depth knowledge allows clients to make smart and informed decisions concerning their communities and property.

Outside the office you can find Therese spending time with her partner and 3 sons, E Scooter riding, rockabilly dancing and going to see live music.

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