About Taylor Bramley-Bray

Taylor is a dedicated Body Corporate Manager with a burgeoning career at Stratacare.

Having transitioned from a Portfolio Assistant role to her current position, Taylor brings a fresh perspective and a robust set of skills to the team.

In her years at Stratacare, Taylor has shown remarkable adaptability and a keen willingness to expand her knowledge. Her journey from Portfolio Assistant to Team Leader and now to Body Corporate Manager highlights her broad experience and dedication to professional growth within the company.

Prior to Stratacare, she held various administrative roles in real estate, further cementing her administrative and organisational expertise.

The opportunity to step into the role of a Body Corporate Manager was a natural progression for Taylor, driven by her desire to build strong rapport and enhance her customer service skills. She is motivated by the chance to provide excellent service and support to her client communities.

Taylor’s daily tasks involve assisting in the administration of Bodies Corporate, which includes organising and holding meetings, maintaining strata records, and providing guidance on legislative requirements. Her problem-solving skills and efficiency ensure that clients receive timely and effective solutions.

Taylor specialises in professionalism, strong work ethic, organisational skills, and effective communication. She excels in building rapport and forming strong relationships with owners, committees, and stakeholders, making her a valuable asset to her clients.

Outside of work, Taylor enjoys spending time at the gym, baking, and being with her family.

Taylor’s professionalism, strong work ethic, and commitment to client satisfaction make her an integral part of the Stratacare team, ensuring that our client Bodies Corporate receive exceptional service and support.

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