Stratacare App – Login & Beginner Guide

The Stratacare App is Now Available to Download

At Stratacare we understand that your time is precious, so to help make managing your body corporate and your life easier, we’ve invested in an easy-to-use app for your phone that will give you all the information to meet your strata needs at a swipe of a thumb.

On the app – you can view all your personal lot and levy information, meeting minutes, agendas and approved invoices + insurance and site contact information.

It also contains links to important forms like pet applications, mechanisms for logging maintenance requests and the ability to receive notices and correspondence as well as electronic voting tools.

Further efficiency tools are included for committees to support informed decision making, instructions and record-keeping.

There is also an in-app messaging service where you can have one-on-one or group messages that will enable your committee to communicate effectively and efficiently.

The Stratacare app is included in our agreed services, so there are no extra costs just more value for our clients!

We are constantly endeavouring for innovative ways to further improve our Body Corporate service and to ensure that our client’s homes and investments are protected and run as smoothly as possible.

We strongly believe in the ability for digital innovations like this app to make the lives of our clients easier and make a positive difference to our body corporate communities.

So, how can you download the app?

You can easily download the app on your smart phone (or tablet) from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Your Body Corporate Manager will let you know when the app is available for download for your building and can answer any questions you have!

To make things easier we have put together a beginners guide to get you logged in and familiarised with the Stratacare app.


Step 1: Locate Welcome Email

When the app is available for download for your building you will get a welcome email sent to your email address that Stratacare has listed.

Go to your email inbox to locate The Stratacare Australia App welcome email

If you cannot see the email in your inbox, check to see if it was re-directed to your junk inbox.

In the email – select the “Click here to set your password” link highlighted in blue.















Step 2: Set your password

Enter your preferred password in “New Password”

For security reasons it is advised that your password contains a mix of letter, numbers and symbols.

Enter your password again in “Confirm New Password” to ensure they match.

Select your user type as –  owner occupier  or  owner  investor.






















Step 3: Access Stratacare App Via Resident Portal 

Once you have set up your password you can access the Stratacare app via one of the 3 resident portals in your welcome email.







Use “Go to Play Store” If you are using a device that uses Android software (like a Samsung phone)

Use “Go to App Store if you are using an Apple device (like an iPhone or iPad)

Use “Go to Web Portal” if you are using a laptop or home computer.

Step 4: Sign-in

Enter your email address (the one which the welcome email was sent to) and newly-made password to sign-in to the Stratacare app.














Step 5: Get Familiar with the Dashboard














Dashboard – Breakdown and Explainers

My Home – Tab









In this section you can view important body corporate documents such as the Community Management Statement (CMS), financial reports and agendas and minutes from meetings such as the AGM.



















This section contains information on your body corporate levies. Here you can conveniently make levy payments, view your outstanding balance, financial year dates and recent levy information.
















Levy Notices

In this section you can view all current levy notices.

















This section contains your information as lot owner in your body corporate. Here you can view your account balance and update your contact details. You can also choose if to receive your notices & correspondence by email or post.













My Site – Tab







Welcome – Forms

Here you can get some general information on the app + get access to important forms as well as useful industry info.


























Here you will be displayed any important alerts for your body corporate. For example, this could be a notification indicating major works occurring on the property or severe weather warnings.









In this section you can access and view body corporate communications such as committee notices, Stratacare newsletters, procedures, as well as create and conduct resident surveys.










This section contains important information for your body corporate property including who your body corporate manager is in site contacts and connection information for utilities. It also has a host of useful links to government websites and strata living information.










This section is a quick and easy way to make important requests to your committee or body corporate manager.



















This section is used to book facilities at your body corporate property. If your property has facilities like tennis courts, function rooms etc. or you just need to book access to the lift, you can use the Stratacare app to organise and track this for ease and convenience.











Resident Hub

This section allows your community to keep in casual communication with each other. You can also organise social events and residents clubs here.








Quick overview

At the bottom of your dashboard you will see a quick overview of any requests you have made and updates to the community wall in residents hub.










At Stratacare, we continue to be a leader in digital innovation to make the lives of our committee members easy and build a positive difference in our communities. We are constantly striving for the most innovative ways to further improve your Body Corporate service and provide you with an effortless way to ensure that your investment is protected and runs as efficiently as possible.

All clients of Stratacare have access to the app. If you are not a client of Stratacare and would like to see how easy it is to make the switch, click here to contact us today.

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