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We wish to advise residents that there has been a number of incidents where thieves have gained unlawful access to unsecured and secure car parks of unit complexes and apartment blocks recently in Brisbane.

Items targeted for theft have included:

• Property in unlocked vehicles;
• Motorcycles;
• Bicycles and;
• Sporting equipment.

In a number of these cases, person/s were observed acting suspiciously in or around the targeted garage areas, however unfortunately, these activities were not reported immediately to police.

Police recommend the following garage and vehicle security tips:

• Avoid storing excess belongings piled up in garage areas and lock-up garages. It is recommended that they be hidden from view in small sheds or cages. See your body corporate manager for further advice on excess storage;
• If you have a motorbike, consider a combination of physical security measures e.g. ground anchors, chains, locks and security alarms (perhaps a pager alarm). Any chains should be kept off the floor to limit the success of bolt cutters;
• Always secure your bicycle and/or motorbike to something solid;
• Never leave valuables in your vehicle including your garage door remote. If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, keep them out of sight;
• Always lock your vehicle and your motorbike;
• Check the garage door is closed completely so potential offenders can’t sneak in;
• Beware of any suspicious behaviour and report it to the police or building manager;
• If you’re accessing the complex and a stranger approaches for entry, don’t allow them in and refer them to the building manager;
• If a stranger requests entry through the intercom system, common sense prevails. Don’t allow them access to the building and refer the person to the building manager;
• Legitimate visitors may still be potential offenders. Avoid allowing them unsupervised access to communal areas of the building. You are responsible for your visitors. Make sure they behave in an appropriate manner when they are in your building;
• Communal areas such as laundries, staircases and swimming pools require extra consideration from all occupants. Keyed access to these areas help maintain security of the building;
• Close any communal doors that are open and unattended;
• Don’t prop doors open;
• Don’t lend keys to anyone and;
• If you and your neighbour are aware of each other’s general habits, you can help prevent crime by being alert to anything out of the ordinary. The quick-thinking and fast acting diligent neighbour, who contacts police with information about suspicious incidents has helped avert many break-ins and deterred offenders.

Active participation in reporting suspicious or criminal activity will make multi-residential living a safer environment for you.

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