Stephan Van Der Merwe

About Stephan Van Der Merwe

With years of experience in the strata industry, Stephan is a dedicated finance professional passionate about providing exceptional financial services to our body corporate clients.

Stephan’s journey in the strata industry began over seven years ago, where he honed his expertise in financial management and working with complicated layered schemes. His commitment to excellence and his drive to be part of a dynamic and growing body corporate management company led him to Stratacare.

As the Finance Manager at our Gold Coast branch, Stephan plays a pivotal role in ensuring the financial well-being of Stratacare’s clients. His responsibilities include preparing Year End Financials, budget preparation, invoice processing and payments, preparing BAS and Income Tax Returns, issuing Levies and Water bills, and managing investments for clients.

Stephan possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing body corporates governed under the less-commonly-used BUGTA legislation. This unique expertise allows him to provide valuable insights and solutions tailored to the needs of our Hope Island Resort clients.

Stephan is known for his analytical mindset and proactive approach to problem-solving. He takes pride in meticulously examining challenges and collaborating with both clients and colleagues to find effective solutions, ensuring the financial stability and success of our clients.

Outside of the office, Stephan is an avid lover of the outdoors and is always planning his next family camping trip.

With his distinctive industry knowledge, vast experience, and dedication to customer service, Stephan is an invaluable member of the Stratacare team, whose commitment ensures that our clients receive the highest level of financial expertise and support.

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