About Sharyn Morwood

Sharyn Morwood is an accomplished Human Resources professional with a passion for fostering a positive and productive work environment and office culture that aligns perfectly with Stratacare’s values and vision. With her expertise and dedication, she plays a crucial role in supporting and strengthening our organisation.

Having joined our company in 2022, Sharyn brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role. Her extensive background in HR management and her ability to navigate complex employment matters make her an invaluable asset to our team. Sharyn consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities and a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by our organisation.

As the Human Resources Manager, Sharyn is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our HR operations. She effectively develops and implements strategies to attract, retain, and develop top talent, as well as helping guide and support managers on their journey to reach their optimum performance level.

With a strong focus on building relationships and effective communication, Sharyn collaborates closely with employees, managers, and executives to address any HR-related concerns or needs. Her approachable demeanour and empathetic nature create an open and supportive environment for employees to thrive.

Dedicated to cultivating a workplace culture that promotes employee engagement, professional growth, and overall well-being, Sharyn’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment ensures that all employees feel valued and respected.

Sharyn holds a Diploma in Leadership and Management and a Diploma in HR Management as well as multiple other qualifications for her role. Additionally, she consistently pursues professional development opportunities to enhance her skills and knowledge in the ever-evolving HR field.


  • Diploma in Leadership and Management, 2021
  • Diploma in HR Management, 2019
  • Justice of the Peace (Qualified), 2015
  • Cert 4 in Customer Contact, 2012
  • Cert 4 in Frontline Management, 2012

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