QIA Group: One Simple Report Could Be Worth Thousands-of-Dollars to You

If you’re over-insured, you may be paying thousands-of-dollars more in insurance premiums

If you’re under-insured, you may receive thousands-of-dollars less when you make a claim

An “Insurance Valuation Report” can help ensure that you have the correct insurance coverage. You could be thousands-of-dollars better off thanks to a report that often costs only hundreds-of-dollars

With Owners under increasing financial pressure due to COVID-19, it’s the perfect time to get an independent review of your insurance coverage

Legislation in each state and territory requires strata Owners to obtain building replacement insurance. This is usually required every 5 years, however it is recommended that you get an Insurance Valuation Report every 2-3 years as there can often be significant differences between the rate at which your insurance coverage increases versus the rate at which construction costs change

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