QIA Group: COVID-19 Contact Tracing – What Areas & Facilities Should I Track?

In a Strata environment, common areas and shared facilities where people congregate for 15 minutes or more, where there is close proximity of people, or where physical transmission can occur from touching or using the same equipment pose the highest risk of transmission and should be tracked, this includes:

• Meeting rooms
• Swimming pools, saunas and spas
• Barbeques
• Gyms
• Rooftop gardens
• Indoor recreation rooms (for example, games rooms)
• Outdoor or indoor playgrounds

When engaging the services of a contractor, it’s important to provide them with any COVID-19 specific information and/or COVID Safe plans for the building. Likewise, it’s important to record what contractors have been to site and what areas of the property they visited.

By tracking the use of common areas and facilities, Owners can respond immediately to any outbreaks, helping to minimise the spread of the virus and limit the number of people affected by it.

They can also help avoid or minimise reputational damage to their property which could occur if a major outbreak was to occur and was reported in the media – this could be particularly damaging to anyone looking to sell their property.

QIA Group provides COVID-Connect – a contact tracing solution both for Strata Communities and also for Strata Managers, and can also prepare COVID Safe plans. For more information, contact us

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