Online Body Corporate Training

The Queensland Government provides a free online training program to help body corporate members, committees and industry groups better understand the body corporate legislation.

Information provided in this course is based on the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (the Act) and the Body Corporate and Community Management (Standard Module) Regulation 2020 (the Standard Module).

Course purpose

The course is designed for committee members of community titles schemes in Queensland; however, anyone with an interest in bodies corporate can complete the course.

Please note, this is not an accredited course and you will not receive a qualification after completion.

This course provides a basic introduction and overview for each topic included.

You should take additional steps to know your rights, responsibilities and obligations under the legislation. You may need to get independent legal advice for specific matters.

The course is intended to provide general information only and it is not legal advice.

Registration and privacy

This course is free to access. After you register for the online course, you can start using the assessment tools.

If you are already registered, you can log in to continue or recover your password.

We collect user information to deliver the course and use it for statistical purposes only. Any information provided is confidential and available to the system administrator only.

Online assessment

The online assessment course is divided into units. Each unit is divided into topics specific to that unit. The course provides information that relates to the learning outcomes for each topic.

At the end of each unit, you can complete a unit assessment. If successfully completed, a statement of completion can be printed as a record. You must get at least 80% of the questions correct to receive a statement of completion.

You can complete the course in your own time, but you must finish a unit before logging out to save your progress on that unit. If you do not finish a unit’s assessment, you will have to start the assessment again.

Training information

References to the:

  • Act will be defined by a capital A and the section number (e.g. A s55)
  • Standard Module will be defined by a capital SM and the section number (e.g. SM s109).

We may also give you links to other relevant information, such as other legislation or webpages.

References to adjudicators’ orders are written with the scheme name, the year the order was made, and the ‘QBCCMCmr’ reference number (e.g. Sierra Grand [2015] QBCCMCmr 447).

Access the web content for the topics covered in this course:


Training units

Access the 5 training units below.

Unit 1: The committee

Topic 01: The role of the body corporate committee

Topic 02: Body corporate committee meetings

Topic 03: Body corporate committee spending

Topic 04: Restrictions on the body corporate committee

Topic 05: Committee and body corporate manager

Topic 06: Composition of a body corporate committee

Topic 07: Eligibility to be a committee member

Topic 08: Nominations for body corporate committee membership

Topic 09: Body corporate committee elections

Topic 10: Term of office on the body corporate committee

Topic 11: Filling vacancies on the body corporate committee

Unit 2: General meetings

Topic 01: Introduction to general meetings

Topic 02: Calling a general meeting

Topic 03: Holding a general meeting and voting

Topic 04: Procedures at general meetings

Topic 05: Amending motions and using proxies

Topic 06: Poll votes at a general meeting

Topic 07: Keeping records of general meetings

Topic 08: The annual general meeting

Topic 09: A requested extraordinary general meeting

Unit 3: Financial management

Topic 01: Body corporate financial year

Topic 02: Financial institution account

Topic 03: Budgets

Topic 04: Administrative fund and sinking fund

Topic 05: Contributions levied on owners

Topic 06: Funds administered by the manager

Topic 07: Statement of accounts

Topic 08: Audit

Topic 09: Borrowing

Unit 4: Maintenance

Topic 01: Common property, assets, lots and utility infrastructure

Topic 02: Survey plans

Topic 03: Building format plans and maintenance responsibilities

Topic 04: Standard format plans and maintenance responsibilities

Topic 05: Authorising maintenance

Topic 06: Maintenance of exclusive use areas

Topic 07: Responsibility for maintenance—dividing fences

Topic 08: Responsibility for maintenance—pest control

Topic 09: Supply of services

Topic 10: Improvements to common property by the body corporate

Topic 11: Improvements to common property by a lot owner

Topic 12: Statutory easements

Topic 13: Power of entry

Unit 5: By-laws

Topic 01: What are by-laws?

Topic 02: How to make, amend and remove by-laws

Topic 03: Exclusive use by-laws

Topic 04: History of by-laws

Topic 05: Limitation of by-laws

Topic 06: How to enforce by-laws


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