Mahoneys: Guide to Managing Body Corporate Building Defects

In response to recent legislative changes, that were specifically introduced to help bodies corporate identify and rectify building defects, Mahoneys has partnered with Sedgwick (a leading global provider of building services) to develop “A complete guide to managing building defects in Queensland”.

The purpose of the guide is to help bodies corporate (and body corporate managers) take a more proactive approach to protecting the legal rights of owners by identifying and rectifying building defects early. A copy of the free guide can be downloaded here.

The guide covers:

  • What is a building defect
  • The body corporate’s obligations for defects
  • Why it is important to identify defects early
  • The importance of a building defect report
  • What bodies corporate should do to protect their rights
  • How Mahoneys and Sedgwick can help


Mahoneys dedicated body corporate team includes experienced construction lawyers. This gives us the capability to advise bodies corporate on all their building defect needs, including:

  • The body corporate’s obligation to identify and rectify defects
  • What documents the developer is legally required to hand over
  • Obtaining and verifying the construction documents required by the body corporate
  • Coordinating building defect reviews
  • Taking action against the builder


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the guide, or need assistance with a body corporate building defect.

Author: Mahoneys 

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