About Leah Dowse

After previously working at Stratacare as a Portfolio Assistant, Leah re-joined the team in 2020 as a body corporate manager.

Leah provides management services to Bodies Corporate in accordance with the BCCM Act and relevant legislations, working with Committees and Owners and providing them with the education and tools necessary for a happy and harmonious community environment.

Leah has worked in multiple strata roles over the years including time as a personal assistant as well as in admin, maintenance and insurance before progressing into a management role. Leah has now been a senior body corporate manager for over 2 years.

She is an expert in budgeting for the Body Corporates future expenses for all administrative and capital expenses and facilitating debt collections and all term deposits when sufficient funds become available.

With Leah’s widespread strata knowledge and qualifications acquired through working in all fields of the industry, clients can feel a sense of security that whatever the situation they have a manager that will handle the matter with diligence, professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Having extensive experience dealing with a range of building defects, Leah understands what’s required to get these matters rectified though the Queensland Building & Construction Commission, their procedures and knowledge of the Australian Building Standards Legislation.

Leah has also been heavily involved in organising large works and has second-to-none knowledge of what the legislative requirements are for doing so and where the responsibility for the expense lies.

A creative personality, Leah has a passion for design, street art, painting, music and spending time with her kids.

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