About Jaymee Pringle

Jaymee is a seasoned Development Consultant with an impressive track record, bringing her wealth of experience to the Stratacare team since 2017. Over the years, she has collaborated on a multitude of projects, establishing partnerships with some of Australia’s leading development firms.

Jaymee’s exceptional interpersonal skills and amiable personality have been instrumental in cultivating strong consultant relationships, facilitating faster, more innovative solutions for our clients. Her day-to-day responsibilities encompass comprehensive support for various stakeholders, including surveyors, solicitors, and developers.

Drawing upon her extensive knowledge and expertise, Jaymee consistently delivers highly accurate budget forecasts and offers tailored, precise advice for each project. Her outstanding communication skills are reflected in her commitment to maintaining regular client contact and promptly addressing all correspondence.

Clients greatly value Jaymee’s adeptness at devising creative solutions that adapt to mid-contract changes, safeguarding project budgets and mitigating risks. Her unwavering dedication to ensuring project success makes her a trusted leader in the field.

As the Development and Office Manager, Jaymee’s role extends beyond development consultancy, encompassing vital administrative functions crucial for office efficiency.

In her capacity as an office manager, Jaymee thrives in addressing daily challenges, swiftly identifying and resolving issues to maintain a seamless work environment. By seamlessly integrating these responsibilities into her role, she enhances individual development project success while bolstering overall office efficiency at Stratacare.

Jaymee’s multifaceted contributions culminate in an organised, unified and highly productive workspace that benefits the entire team. With her at the helm, your next development project is assured of expert guidance and a commitment to excellence.

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