How to Save Energy (and money) When Working From Home

With another lockdown announced for most of QLD you will probably find yourself working from home again.

By spending more time at home, higher electricity bills can be expected. However, there are many effective ways to save energy when working from home.

If you’re home now doubles as your office, these tips could help keep your energy costs down.

Energy-efficient home office

Switch on your computer’s energy-saving mode, which lowers power consumption during any moments that you stop using it. Laptops use less power than a desktop computer. You can also cut costs by unplugging any peripheral devices like printers, scanners or extra monitors that you aren’t using.

Use an energy saving power board

Make use of an energy saving power board for your home office space. Connect your computer to the ‘master socket’ and then all supplementary appliances (like monitors, printers etc) to the power board sockets. When you stop work and turn your computer off, power to the other units will shut down automatically, ensuring that power is not wasted on appliances that are left on but not being used.

Use natural light

Take advantage of natural light by opening blinds or curtains. Ideally, place your desk where natural light is the strongest. If needed, a desk lamp is more efficient than lighting the whole room.

Heat yourself before heating the space around you

Before reverting to a heater ensure you dress in warm clothing.

Heat and cool your space at the right temperature

When it comes to heating – 18-20 degrees in the most efficient setting. Each degree warmer than this can increase energy use by 10% with those extra costs quickly adding up.

Only heat the space you are working in

Only use a heating or cooling system in the area you’re working in. Close doors, use curtains, blinds and draft stoppers to limit your office energy use to a single room.

Track your energy usage

Make use of a smart meter so that you can see what you’re using and when.

Practice those chef skills

While you’re stuck at home is a great time to get into the kitchen, try slow-cooking your dinner while you work.  Slow-cookers are versatile and use less energy than standard ovens and the extra heat will help warm up your home.

Shift your usage time

Take advantage of being at home all day and run appliances at the cheapest times. Electricity is often cheaper late at night or early in the morning, so those will be the times when you can save money on your electric bill. This is because these are typical off-peak hours when not as many people are using electricity.

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