Higgins: How You Know It’s Time To Repaint Your Building

Owning, operating, and managing a building requires maintenance to not only hold its value but also add to it. Additionally, it is important that your building is well-maintained to please tenants and attract new ones. A fresh repaint of your building is one of the most constructive forms of maintenance that has many benefits in both the short and long term. It can lift the image of your property, raise your business profile, and properly protect your building’s surfaces from the elements by making it less susceptible to accelerated deterioration.

Below we discuss what signs to look out for when it’s time to repaint your commercial building.

When there is mould

A quality paint job can help protect your building against the elements, however, over a prolonged period of exposure, even good paintwork may not be impervious to harsh rain and humidity conditions. This can result in mould growth because of excessive subjection to moisture. And if your building’s materials are particularly porous, cases of mould can be more advanced.

The build-up of mould can lead to unpleasant smells and stains and can also pose significant health risks like respiratory impairment and skin and eye irritation. Through appropriate application and a high-quality product, a fresh paint job can help protect your building from moisture degradation. There are even some available products in the market that can act as mould blockers as an extra line of defence.

When paint starts to fade

Fading paint not only looks bad for tenants or those passing by, but it can also leave your building exposed to decay. This commonly occurs at an accelerated pace as a result of poor quality paint and application methods, leaving your building’s surfaces more open to the sun’s UV rays, destroying the composition of the paint, and in doing so, making it fade faster.

For buildings that experience significant UV exposure, it’s a good idea to apply paint that is more fade resistant and can be used for the increased protection of exterior surfaces.

When paint starts to bubble

Paint can start to bubble as a result of it losing its adhesion to surfaces over time. This occurs when there is excessive moisture, causing the moisture to get caught underneath and create bubbling. If this condition is not dealt with in time or unfit paint products are used, this can inhibit the longevity of your structural materials and lead to significant damage to your building’s surface.

When there is damage from pressure cleaning

You want your building to look and feel consistently clean and pressure washing is normally part of routine exterior maintenance. However, pressure washing can be damaging to your paintwork over time and can end up leaving moisture trapped idly in insulation and plaster. This trapped moisture could be detrimental to your building’s structure and surfaces, and make a good case for a repaint.

By investing in paint products that are more ‘self-cleansing’, you won’t have to pressure clean as often and in turn, you can do fewer repaints.

When you’re rebranding

If you’re rebranding then a fresh paint job is a good way to update your image. Your building should reflect any changes you make; whether it’s a completely new colour scheme or a slight brand refresh, a repaint can modernise your building and make it stand out.

For a bigger stamp of professionalism, you can engage specialised colour consultants to advise you on what colours to incorporate in your building’s new palette to fit your rebrand.

When you have a period of downtime on the horizon

It’s not always easy to find time to repaint  buildings because of the potential it has to impinge residents and commercial businesses . That’s why thinking ahead and scheduling a repaint during periods of known downtime are beneficial.

By partnering with commercial painting contractors, you will have professionals on the job who are experienced in working around unique timeframes and willing to collaborate for flexible working schedules. This way, they’ll have the least possible impact on your business’ day-to-day.

When you repaint your building, not only do you help protect the structure of your property, but you can also transform the appeal of your building for potential tenants/owners and build upon your reputation with a fresh, sleek paint finish. For a long-lasting investment when repainting buildings, it’s important to consider qualified and experienced painters from reputable companies to ensure a durable, quality finish that will raise the value of your property and reduce the need for frequent painting maintenance.

Your paintwork is an investment that needs protecting to ensure the ongoing appearance of your building and reduce future expenses. Learn how to keep your paintwork looking fresh for longer with our handy guide to painting maintenance.

Author: Nick Higgins, Higgins. 


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