Enacting Smoking Restrictions in QLD Bodies Corporate

The recent legislative changes empower bodies corporate in Queensland to greater restrict and regulate smoking within community titles schemes. This guide is designed to assist bodies corporate in navigating the implementation of these new regulations effectively.

Understanding the Legislative Changes:

Take the time to familiarise yourself and your committee members with the specifics of the revised legislation. Understanding the scope of your authority and the legal framework surrounding smoking bans is essential for successful implementation.

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Assessing Community Needs:

Begin by assessing the needs and preferences of your community regarding smoking restrictions. Consider conducting surveys or hosting meetings to gauge resident opinions and concerns. Understanding the community’s stance will facilitate the development of by-laws that are fair and reasonable.

Drafting Clear and Comprehensive By-laws:

Work closely with your body corporate manager and legal experts to draft clear, comprehensive, and legally sound by-laws. Define communal areas accurately, outline the scope of smoking restrictions, and establish mechanisms for enforcement. Ensure that the by-laws align with the new legislative framework and prioritise the well-being of residents.

Communicating with Residents:

Transparent communication with residents is key to gaining support for the smoking restrictions. Clearly explain the rationale behind the changes, highlight the benefits of a smoke-free environment, and outline the implementation plan. Encourage feedback and address any concerns or questions raised by residents.

Securing Resident Compliance:

Engage residents in the enforcement process by educating them about their responsibilities under the new by-laws. Clearly communicate the consequences of non-compliance and the procedures for addressing infractions. Establish procedures for handling disputes and ensure that enforcement measures are fair and consistent.

Navigating Legal and Operational Challenges:

Be prepared to navigate legal and operational challenges that may arise during the implementation process. Seek legal advice as needed to ensure compliance with the legislation and address any legal concerns promptly. Develop strategies for monitoring compliance and addressing infractions effectively.

Fostering a Healthy and Harmonious Environment:

By enacting smoking restrictions in accordance with the new legislation, you are taking proactive steps to create a healthier and more harmonious living environment for all residents. Emphasise the importance of community well-being and the collective responsibility to uphold the by-laws.


The recent legislative changes in Queensland represent a significant opportunity for bodies corporate to enhance the quality of life within their communities by addressing the challenges associated with smoking. By following this guide and working collaboratively with residents, you can successfully implement smoking restrictions that promote a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable living environment for everyone.

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