Easter Break: Tips for Bodies Corporate

The Easter break is almost here and it’s time to finally relax and have a good time with friends and family (covid permitting).

However, for those in strata properties the good times can quickly turn stressful because the holidays is a period where their community operates completely differently.

Extra visitors and noise can lead to increased strain on communal spaces and to greater disputes between residents.

But it does not have to be like this.

Everyone has a right to a good time and enjoy Easter with friends and family, but in apartment buildings and townhouse complexes it’s vital that everyone does so in a manner that respects their neighbours.

By using simple common sense, effective communication and simple respect for others, your strata community can have peaceful and happy Easter break for everyone.

Greater Brisbane Lockdown 
From 12pm today, Thursday, 1 April 2021 the lockdown in Greater Brisbane is lifted with ongoing restrictions in place for 2 weeks. Read the full list of restrictions for Queensland here or read our summary below.

Queensland wide restrictions
Relative to bodies corporate the following directions apply:

  • Masks must be worn in indoor places including gyms, community rooms and common property with one person per 2m², as per the usual restrictions up to 30 people (as considered a non-public space)
  • Strata Community Association (Qld) recommends for all other outdoor common property, these can operate under the recommendation that masks be worn if 1.5m social distancing cannot be maintained, but are not required. While up to 500 people are permitted in public outdoor spaces, SCA (Qld) considers body corporate private property and therefore recommends best practice of no more than 30 people per gathering, or 1 person per 2m² when not gathering (i.e. passing through common property).
  • SCA (Qld) advises that best practice is to wear masks while moving around indoor pools and gyms but while doing strenuous exercise, masks can be taken off. Masks are not required while swimming.
  • Gatherings in private homes are restricted to 30 people

Restrictions are Queensland wide and apply to all Queenslanders and anyone who visits the state up until 15 April 2021.


Disputes around parking is a common issue for bodies corporate but can be greatly exacerbated during Easter long weekend.

Simple rules to follow:

  • If you have a car park, park your car in it.
    • If you have more cars than spaces, park additional vehicles outside the complex.
    • Never park in a space which is not yours.
    • Remind your visitors to park thoughtfully
    • Do not let your guest park in visitor spaces for more than 48 hours (or less if that is what your scheme’s by-laws state).
    • Do not get upset if other visitors have legitimately used the visitor parking.

If you are vacating your property for the holiday period and have an empty car space, why not offer to lend it to a neighbor? Or inform your community that it is vacant and free to be used while your away.

Report any repeat parking offenders to your body corporate manager.

Shared Spaces

If you live in a building that has shared amenities like barbecues, rooftop terraces, dining rooms or theatre ensure that you follow your buildings protocol for booking these spaces. Every building will have its own booking system.

Booking spaces ensures everyone knows who has priority for which areas, how long they will be there and when the spaces are free.

You should also be aware of how your guests conduct themselves while drinking and ensure you minimise their risk of injuring themselves or others. Don’t let drunk guests disturb the peace.

Once you have finished with communal spaces ensure that you clean up after your group.

If there was an accident or damage report it to your building manager or body corporate manager.


Easter is a wonderful time of year, but it can also generate a lot of waste.

Make sure you dispose of all your rubbish properly and do not contaminate your recycling bins with non-recyclable materials or garden waste.

If you see someone dumping hard waste, tell them to take it elsewhere and/or report it to your building manager or body corporate manager.

Hard waste is large items that cannot fit in a regular bin and are usually quite bulky. Items like fridges, washing machines, couches etc.

If you notice the bins are full or chutes are getting blocked, contact your building manager or body corporate manager to see if an additional pick up can be arranged.

Parties – Mind the Noise

Everyone is entitled to have a good time over the Easter break, but if you are going to be blasting music until 2am you might want to consider going out on the town instead.

Remember while most people may be taking a break a good number will be working through Easter.

Whether you are outside, on a balcony or even inside your apartment, loud noises will carry.

There are definitely by-laws that must be observed, requiring any noise that is able to be heard by the neighbours to end by a certain time, usually before 10pm, and not starting until after a decent hour. (perhaps refer to your local council noise guidelines).

For example, Brisbane City Council does not deal with noise complaints about: music, loud stereos, parties, rowdy behaviour and burglar alarms. Contact the Queensland Police on 13 14 44.

If you do adjourn inside to keep partying, be aware that heavy foot traffic on floors above other units will carry quite loudly. Avoid any clatter and stomping from dancing or party shenanigans disturbing the occupants of the unit below and neighbouring.

Strongly discourage your guests from leaning over your balcony with drinks, cigarettes or cameras and ensure all cigarette butts are properly disposed of.

Ensure that you do not overload balconies with people.

If you are planning on having some people over, maybe let your immediate neighbours know. Or invite them too!

Planning your party with due respect to your neighbours and your situation will ensure your fun times aren’t ruined by complaints or worse.

Be a Good Neighbour

While Easter is a time for fun, it is also time to be a good neighbour.

So be a respectful and considerate member of your community and have yourself a fantastic Easter break from all the team here at Stratacare.

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