Draincare: Concealed Water Leaks – The Hidden Cost.

Concealed water leaks to properties consist of a burst water supply pipe located underground which goes undetected until each resident receives a water bill from council with increased  water consumption and additional costs on their rates bills.

This occurs at many buildings where the water doesn’t show at ground level or any common areas and may have been an issue for months prior to the local council reading the water meter.

The local council will forward a letter to the owners advising of the increased volume of water usage and for inspections to be carried out to determine if there are any concealed water leaks at the property.

There are a few regular tests that can be performed at each property as listed below:

  1. A regular inspection.
    Inspection of the main council water meter or any separate water meters during times of limited water supply usage usually in the early morning hours or the later evening hours where the dials on the water meter are visually inspected to determine if there is any water draw off with the dials of the water meter turning over. If the dials on the water meter are turning over constantly this is normally a tell-tale sign there may be a concealed water leak, if the dials turn over then stop, this normally indicates that an occupant is using water and then it is shut off
  2. Inspection of common property areas.
    Search for signs of wetness, green grass or water flowing constantly at the street kerb. Any common area stormwater drains should also be inspected to determine if there is any water flow during the drier months.

These regular inspections may alert the unit owners of a concealed leak for investigations and repairs carried out ASAP by a licenced plumber and could save body corporate funds and the wastage of precious water.

If a body corporate does receive an excess water bill and a concealed leak is found and repaired they may be able to apply to the utility provider for a part refund however only 1 claim is able to be made over a certain time frame

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