Different Strata Terminologies Used in Australian States and Territories

There is enough strata jargon out there to confuse all but the most heavily involved the industry. Confusing matters further is that there is no uniform strata terminology in Australia, with different states and territories using different terms.

Below we break down the major differences to strata terminology around the country.

Term for Body Corporate

Description – In strata property, each owner owns an individual lot (an apartment or townhouse, for instance) with every owner sharing ownership of the common property – driveways, footpaths, grounds and facilities. The body corporate is the collective body that administers the common property and it is made up of all the lot owners.

QLDBody Corporate
NSWOwners Corporation
VICOwners Corporation
SAStrata Corporation
WAStrata Company
NTBody Corporate
TASBody Corporate


Term for the Committee

Description- Lot owners elected to the body corporate committee at the annual general meeting.

NSWExecutive Committee
SAManaging Committee
TASCommittee of Management
ACTExecutive Committee


Term for Strata Manager

Description- A strata manager is a company that manages an apartment block on behalf of all the individual owners in that block. They work in the owners’ collective interest and manage everything from legal compliance to building maintenance and financial administration.

QLDBody Corporate Manager
NSWStrata Managing Agent
VICOwners Corporation Manager


Term for Strata Title

Description: the name given to a single building or group of dwellings that (usually) sit on one piece of land. Individual units within these are always called Lots throughout Australia.


QLDCommunity Titles Scheme (CTS)
NSWStrata Plan (SP)
VicOwners Corporation (OC)
SAStrata Plan (SP)
WAStrata Plan (SP)
NTStrata Corporation (S/Corp)
TasmaniaStrata Corporation (S/Corp)


Owner Financial Contributions

Description: The contribution that each lot owner within a Building has to contribute for their share of building expenses – things like insurance, gardening, maintaining the lifts, pools etc.




Terms for Sinking Fund

Description. Property owners in a strata scheme must pay regular levies. These levies go towards two areas:

An administration fund. This fund is used to cover the cost of any necessary insurances, budgeted repairs, and to pay contractors to perform ongoing maintenance tasks (lawn mowing, gardening etc.)

A sinking fund. The money in a sinking fund is used to cover the cost of major capital works or emergency repairs.

QLDSinking Fund
NSWCapital Works Fund
VICMaintenance Fund
SASinking Fund
WAReserve Fund
NTSinking Fund
TASMaintenance Fund


Info for Prospective Buyers

Description. Whenever a strata lot is being sold, the owner that is selling has to provide some information to prospective buyers about the Lot. Thinks like how much the levies are, how much money is in the strata building’s bank account, any major work or defects. The information is contained in a document called an Information (Info) Certificate. Each State has a different name for these certificates.

QLDSection 206 is required to be provided by Sellers as part of a Contract for sale, Section 205 is requested by buyers or their legal representative.
NSWSection 184 Certificate
VICOwners Corporation (OC) Certificate
SASection 41 Certificate
WASection 43 (1)(c) & (d) Certificate
NTBody Corporate Certificate
TASSection 83 Certificate
ACTUnit Titles Certificate


Learn more about strata terms by accessing Stratacare’s “Strata Dictionary”

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