Committee Position Factsheet: The Committee

This factsheet provides general info on body corporate committees.

What is the body corporate committee?

The committee are elected representatives of the owners. The committee of the body corporate represents owners or owners’ nominees and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the strata scheme (link).

How often must a committee be elected?

The body corporate must elect a committee at each annual general meeting (link). The committee is made up of lot owners or people who act for them.

How many members must the committee have?

Most committees must have a minimum of 3 members (Schemes under the Small or Specified two lot regulation modules are different) – Click here (link) for more information on regulation modules.

What are the executive positions in a committee?

The three executive positions in a committee are the Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. A single person may hold all or any 2 executive positions (however, this doesn’t change the minimum number of members required).

What is the committee responsible for?

The committee oversees:

  • the administrative and day-to-day running of the body corporate
  • making decisions on behalf of the body corporate
  • putting the lawful decisions of the body corporate into place.

If the body corporate has engaged a body corporate manager, it may authorise the manager to carry out some or all the powers of the committee.

How does the committee make decisions?

The committee can make decisions by calling a committee meeting (link) or by voting outside a committee meeting (link).

Role of Stratacare?

As a Body Corporate Manager, Stratacare is engaged to attend to the legislative requirements placed on a Body Corporate. Stratacare’s role is primarily administrative and generally entails the following processes:

  • Call, attend and record the AGM each year
  • Prepare draft budgets and issue levy notices throughout the year
  • Pay Body Corporate creditor invoices
  • Generally maintain the rolls and registers of the Body Corporate, including Owners’ details
  • Effect the Common Property insurance
  • Issue contravention notices upon instruction from the Committee
  • Provide general advice and guidance to Committee members and Lot Owners on matters relating to their Body Corporate.

While Stratacare performs the above tasks, all decisions relating to Body Corporate matters are always made by the Committee, and we will only act under instruction from the Committee.

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