Committee Position Factsheet: Secretary

This factsheet provides general information on the committee position of ‘Secretary’.

Who is the Secretary?

The secretary is elected to manage the administrative requirements of the body corporate.

What are the Secretary’s responsibilities?

The Secretary’s duties include:

  • sending out notices for meetings
    • asking for and receiving nominations for committee positions before an annual general meeting. If a notice inviting nominations is forwarded to lot owners, the secretary must also invite owners to submit motions for the meeting
    • making the ballot papers for the committee election, and sending them and the other material with the meeting notices
    • having all of the following available for viewing by voters at a general meeting
    -the roll
    -a list of the persons who have the right to vote at the meeting
    -all proxy forms and voting papers
  • receiving the completed voting papers for a general meeting
    • receiving the completed proxy forms for general and committee meetings.


The Secretary often takes minutes of meetings, although the legislation does not require them to.

Isn’t that the body corporate manager’s role?

In many schemes, the Committee will engage a body corporate manager to assist with some or all of the administrative duties, including the responsibilities of the Secretary. The duties of the manager are contained in a written engagement entered into with the body corporate.


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