Payment Plan Application Form

  • Please kindly complete the below information if you wish to seek approval from your Body Corporate Committee regarding entering into a payment plan for your current levy arrears as a result of your financial hardship.
  • Please note that this application ONLY applies to the current outstanding balance. All future levies are expected to be paid in full as they fall due.
    Fees will be added to lot owner’s account
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Owner Agreement

    I hereby acknowledge that upon entering into this payment arrangement, I commit to strictly adhere to the agreed-upon payment plan instalments and comply with the terms outlined below.

    I recognise that if I face challenges in fulfilling my commitment to make these repayments, it is my responsibility to promptly contact Stratacare to inform them. It is explicitly understood that time is a critical factor in this agreement, and any failure to adhere strictly to the payment arrangement will grant the Body Corporate the right to take the following actions:

    • Terminate the agreement, leading to the immediate due and payable status of the entire debt or outstanding balance to the Body Corporate.
    • Initiate legal proceedings to obtain judgment for the debt, along with any associated costs of legal action.

    I further acknowledge:

    • The obligation to pay all future levies in full by the specified due date.
    • The agreement to cover all recovery fees linked to overdue contributions. Upon bringing the account up to date, I may submit a Discount/Arrears waiver application form for committee consideration. Approval may result in a credited account, while denial maintains my responsibility for penalties.
    • The imposition of a $50 plus GST administration fee upfront on my account for the setup and monitoring of the payment arrangement. This fee will be applied upon the return of the completed application form. Failure to adhere to the payment arrangement may result in additional fees.
    • The potential for further penalties and recovery action against my account if the application form is not returned or full payment is not addressed.
    • The forfeiture of any offered discounts by my Body Corporate while my account remains in arrears.
    • The understanding that the submission of this form will trigger an Owners Motion for the Committee, with the Committee exempt from deciding on motions if they have received six or more motions from the Body Corporate Member (Owner) within the 12-month period.

    * Please carefully review the above conditions and indicate your acceptance by ticking the box below.

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