Committee Nomination Form


Instructions To Nominators

Ordered list items with bold numbers
  1. A Lot Owner can only nominate one individual to be elected to the Committee, but that individual may be nominated to more than one position on the Committee, e.g. Secretary and Treasurer. You may, as an Owner, nominate yourself.

  2. A Lot Owner who is a natural person can nominate an individual as a Candidate for the Committee provided that the individual is either a Lot Owner (and the Lot Owner may nominate himself or herself) or a Member of the Lot Owner’s Family (see Item 12 below for the definition of a Member of the Lot Owner’s Family), or the holder of a Power of Attorney from the Lot Owner.

  3. A Lot Owner who is not a natural person, e.g. a corporation can nominate an individual as a candidate for the Committee provided that the individual is either a Lot Owner or the holder of a Power of Attorney from the corporation or if the individual is a corporate nominee for the corporation, and in the case where the Lot Owner is a Subsidiary Scheme, then the representative of the Subsidiary Scheme may be nominated.

  4. This form must be properly completed otherwise the nomination may be invalid.

  5. Insert the full name of the Nominator(s) where provided.

  6. Part A of the nomination form must be completed in all instances.

  7. Part A must contain the surname and either the first given name or other name or abbreviation by which the candidate is generally known.

  8. If the candidate is not a Lot Owner, then Part B must be completed.

  9. The Nominator(s) and the Candidate must sign the form where provided.

  10. A Candidate will be notified by the Secretary in writing that they have been nominated.

  11. A Lot Owner may not nominate a person for membership of the Committee if the Lot Owner owes a body corporate debt when the nomination is received by the Secretary.

  12. A Lot Owner is not eligible to be a member of the Committee if the Lot Owner owes a body corporate debt when the members of the Committee are chosen.

  13. Section 10(6) of the Standard Module Regulation and Section 11(6) of the Accommodation Module Regulation specify that “family” of a nominating entity who is an individual means the following persons:

    1. The individual’s spouse;

    2. Each of the children of the individual or the individual’s spouse who is 18 years or more, including a stepchild or an adopted child;

    3. Each of the individual’s parents, including a step-parent;

    4. A brother or sister of the individual.

  14. Should you wish to raise any matters that will require a decision at the General Meeting, then you may also submit a motion for inclusion on the agenda.

  15. Any nominations that you wish to make and any motions that you wish to submit must be received by the Secretary by the end of the financial year, for the body corporate.

  16. Should you wish to receive expenses as a Committee Member, you must submit a motion to this effect. We suggest that you contact a legal person to assist you.

I/We the undersigned being the Owner(s) of a Lot in

and being entitled to nominate a candidate for election to the Committee hereby nominate the following Candidate for election.

Please consider this information carefully before making a nomination of an individual for election as Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer or Ordinary Member of the Committee.

DD slash MM slash YYYY
Name of Applicant(Required)

PART A - To be completed in all instances
Name of Candidate
Residential Address of Candidate
Position(s) Nominated for:
Is the Candidate a Lot Owner?
PAYMENT SOUGHT: Please insert details of any payments to be sought by the candidate for carrying out duties of a Committee Member e.g., Payment of the car expenses travelling to the Committee Meeting.
Name of Nominator:

PART B - To be completed ONLY if the Candidate is NOT the Owner of a Lot in the Scheme
Contact Details of Candidate
For the nomination to be valid the Candidate must belong to one of the following categories - Please tick appropriate category and state family connection as per section of the Regulation Module applying to this Scheme - Spouse/Partner, Child over 18, Parent, Step-Parent, Brother or Sister, Step-Brother or Step-Sister
Tick Category
DD slash MM slash YYYY