Levies and Contributions

The body corporate will issue a levy notice invoice to each lot owner, at least 30 days before the due date.

The payment details are shown on each levy notice.

Stratacare clients can pay their levies through a variety of means including our online portal, the Stratacare app, over the phone or at the local post office.

The body corporate must recover all levies. If an owner fails to pay a levy notice invoice on-time, the body corporate will issue reminder invoices and penalty notices to the lot owner, and the costs to recover that levy are also added to the owner’s debt.

If the body corporate is unable to recover the levy debt directly, the body corporate must engage a solicitor and commence court proceedings to recover the debt.

The body corporate is not able to write-off, forgive or credit owner levies. Because levies directly pay for the body corporate’s costs, if the committee forgave a levy invoice for one owner, that would increase the levies for all other owners.

Yes. Stratacare clients can view their levy account balance at any time, and access other records and documents for your body corporate through our online portal or through the app.

Notice of Contribution or Levies are calculated based on the budgets set at the Annual General Meeting and applied based on the unit, lot or contribution entitlement of the individual members.

Please advise the strata manager if you are in any hardship situation as payment plans can be put in place if the committee agrees upon such. Forms online to assist.

Unit or lot entitlements are calculated on the proportionate Lot values prepared by a valuer on behalf of the developer at the time of the issue of the titles of the various Lots.

The Administration Fund is to cover expenses of a ‘day to day’ nature, as set down in the budget for a twelve month period and payable by each owner in accordance with designated unit or lot entitlements.

The Sinking Fund is to cover capital expenses as set down in the budget for the long term maintenance of the Corporation’s assets e.g.: painting, driveway repair, roof repairs etc. As per the Administration Fund levies, Sinking Fund levies are also payable by all property owners in accordance with their designated unit or lot entitlement value.

Because of the complex nature and importance of getting correct the sinking fund levies are set by an expert quantity surveyor whom the body corporate engages to inspect the body corporate property and provide an estimate for the capital expenses which are likely to arise in the next 15 years.

That report takes into account the cost of each item (e.g. painting, roofing, new driveway etc), and also estimates the remaining life span of each item. That results in an amount required to save up for each target, and those are aggregated into a single fund target.

The sinking fund forecast report includes the levy amount to raise each year to achieve those capital expense payments and avoid special levies (see below).

Special levies are contributions that owners need to pay on top of their normal levies. Special levies may be required if some unexpected event occurs and spending is required that is not in the budget.

For example if the body corporate has a defect which was not foreseen and must be repaired, a special levy may be required to fund that work.

Each year the body corporate must decide whether to audit the financial records for that year at the AGM. If the body corporate decides to audit the financial statements, you will receive an audit report at the end of that financial year.

The audit report establishes that the financial statements that are prepared by Stratacare give an accurate representation of the financial affairs of the body corporate.

The body corporate levies are paid to the body corporate. All body corporate funds are kept in a separate bank account in the name of the body corporate.

It is a common misconception that the body corporate manager receives the levies. This is not true. Your body corporate manager (Stratacare) does the work on behalf of the committee to issue the invoices and assist with administrative duties, but the body corporate levies do not get paid to Stratacare.

The levies are set each year at the AGM, by a majority vote of all owners.

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