Committee Members and Other Roles

A building manager can have two roles. The first is as a facility manager/caretaker which means they basically provide services to ensure that the common property facilities are maintained. This is usually set out in of the caretaking agreement with the body corporate.

The other role that a building manager can have is as a letting agent where they act as letting agent for owners of lots like any real estate agent can under a letting agreement.

A Property Manager manages an individual property on behalf of a lot owner. They find suitable tenants for lots, arrange leases, inspect the condition of the property, receive rent, manage repairs and arrange for maintenance for the inside of the property.

They advise the owners and strata managers of any strata specific issues that arise that they have been advised of by their tenants or that they have sighted during an inspection. 

Strata managers liaise with property managers who liaise directly with the tenants.

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