Car Park Ventilation Essential Service – Are You Compliant?

Ongoing responsibility.

Once a building is constructed the owner or body corporate are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance as part of the – Australian Standards AS 1851-2012 (Routine Services of fire protection systems and equipment).

The Occupational Safety and Health Act states any CO controlled ventilation system is regularly serviced and records kept, ensuring CO levels do not exceed exposure standards. CO sensor test & calibration is an essential service.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas emitted by petrol-, gas- and diesel-powered motors. It is odourless and invisible and has the potential to build up in poorly ventilated areas like underground car parks.

Most enclosed or underground car parks without natural ventilation should be equipped with an exhaust ventilation system to remove CO from the source. CO sensors will be positioned to monitor CO levels throughout the car park and activate the mechanical ventilation when required.

Car Park Primary Requirements

  • Controller to have a digital display, reading CO levels.
  • Operate continuously and effectively whenever motor vehicles are present in enclosure area.
  • Under fault condition automatically activate an alarm.
  • Sensors to be clearly marked to indicate servicing and calibration requirements.
  • The system must also provide at least 1 air change in every 24-hr period.
  • Sensors to be mounted 25m apart maximum.
  • The system be serviced 6-monhtly.
  • Logbook for records.

Mechanical Ventilation – Dedicated fire mode duration.

Any mechanical ventilation fans and VSD’s which are connected to the fire panel as part of the dedicated fire mode duration must be maintained in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 1668.

This dedicated fire mode Standard also includes Stairwell pressurisation test and a fire panel integration test.

  • All Ventilation fans and VSD’s (Quarterly 3 monthly maintenance)
  • Stairwell pressurisation test (Annual test)
  • Fire Panel integration test with mechanical switch board control (Annual test)

How much Energy could you save with better motor control?

Variable Speed Drives (VSD) regulate the speed of fan motors and can reduce energy consumption by 30 to 50 percent in many applications.









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