Autumn Energy Tips

While the weather is still warm, winter has a habit of sneaking up on us.

Autumn is a perfect time to prepare your apartment for winter, when electricity consumption is generally at its highest, and to look for ways to maximise energy efficiency and minimise costs.

By following some simple tips, you can keep your family safe and lessen the impact of your electricity use on the household budge

Seal it up

Even if your home’s well insulated or heated, warmth can still escape out through gaps and cracks – taking your energy savings with it. a good first step was to check your home to see how heat can be kept inside.

Sealing your apartment is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of reducing heat loss. It’s also a good option if you are a tenant.


Proper insulation will bring long-term benefits to your comfort levels and energy usage.

Insulation products vary depending on your home location, build type, roof design and more so you should talk to an expert to get the right solution for you.

Short showers

As it gets colder we find ourselves spending more time under a hot shower. While very nice to have long hot showers will only lead to increased energy usage and costs.

It is generally recommended to shower for as long as your favourite four-minute song. Sing your lungs out and have a bathrobe and slippers ready as you jump out of the shower.

Energy-efficient lighting

With the days getting shorter we will all be switching household lights on much earlier.

If possible, make the switch to energy-efficient lighting sources. They might cost a few dollars extra, but will deliver significant impact on your energy savings across the year.

In general, LED bulbs are your best bet being up to 4-5 times more efficient than your standard incandescent or halogen bulbs.


The majority of household heating can escape through the windows.

Try to let as much light in as possible during a sunny day. Check for cracks in frames and utilise curtains or blinds to improve heat retention.

As a last resort you could think about the long-term benefits of window glazing.


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